You’re Surprised How After You Broke Me This Bad I Still Have Something To Give From My Fragments Just Try Asking Me Once If You Wish And You’ll See How I Lay Out My Life For You ~ENDLESS GIVING @Dr.AsmaPoetry ©Dr.Asma_Mohammadi 06.30.18

I Search For Source Of Light From You Whilst I Wait In Profound Darkness Never Knowing, The Spark That Exists Within Is Colossal Enough To Light Infernos Of Faith ~LOOK WITHIN @Dr.AsmaPoetry ©Dr.Asma_Mohammadi 06.28.18

Who All Shall I Share This Tale Of Sadness Everyone Listens To It Out Of Mere Curiosity Only Few Understand The Intensity Of Pain Who’ve Made Even The Suffering Their Remedy Dastaan-E-Gham Ye Kis Kis Ko Bayaan Karein Dil Lubhaane Ke Liye Sun Tho Sabhi Lete Hai Magar Gham Ki Shiddat Samajhte Wahi Hai JoContinue reading


Few People Belittle You To Make Themselves Look Better Never Believe Their Phrases They Lack Conscience To Visualize Not Only Your Worth But Also Their’s But You Know Yours, Right? ~INFERIORITY COMPLEX @Dr.AsmaPoetry ©Dr.Asma_Mohammadi 06.12.18