Dr. Asma Mohammadi is a doctor, author (Soar Beyond Skies), writer, and poet living in California. Ever since childhood, her mounting interest in language was evident as she penned articles for school journals. Her profound fondness for poetry evolved growing up, and she began exploring her writing skills.

Her poetry has an essence of feminism, equality, mental illnesses, psychology, stress related disorders and many more such topics.

A compilation of rapture, despair, longing, self-love, triumph, and loss, her debut book ‘Soar Beyond Skies’ is a collection of poems chronicling the challenges of contemporary life such as inequality, social criticism, peer pressure, anxiety, depression, sexism, displacement, racism, objectification, breaking stereotypes and many more.

Smashing the shell of confinement and taking on the cliched perspectives, her book takes you on a journey that traverses the stagnant plains, the eye-catchy mountains, the winding roads and the pit stops in life.

It is split into seven sections namely sweet (joy), bitter (fear), sour (grief), salty (hope), insipid (apathy), spicy (ecstasy) and pungent (criticism). With flavors of practicality as well as fantasy, it engraves love on the minds reflecting on the vital aspects of life.

She delves into solitude life to offer elements of reality and bitter truth. Her life revolves around various components of living fearlessly, evading judgments and voicing opinions when needed.

Asma is an active poet and writer on her Instagram page dr.asmapoetry where she started unboxing her emotions three years ago for the world to read, feel and relate. She believes in the medicinal power of words, and her verses are meant to paint hearts with compassion, purity, and love. She enjoys playing tennis, designing greeting cards, traveling and creative writing in her leisure hours.

Two broken people fix each other

Like mirrored halves of hope put together



Dear Momma (you’re in my heart, forever)

I finally have the courage to write this:

I lost you more than a year ago
But it feels like it’s been decades since I last saw you, heard your voice
The giggles we shared and our inside jokes is what I miss the most
Every time I put my hair up in a style that you used to braid your hair, I’m reminded of you
I miss you during times when I’m happy, sad, angry, calm; I miss you regardless of what I feel

When you left us, I was at loss of words
I was searching for the intense love and care that you had pampered me with never to find it anywhere
Your love spoilt me but also made me to love and value myself more than anything else in the world
But I wonder will I ever be able to love myself the way you loved me
There never was any love that could overwrite the love you had for me; never shall be

Perhaps the love that I was looking for can never be found and I’m at peace
I’m grateful that you visit me in my dreams to envelope me in warmth and plant pecks
Am I selfish to miss your love more than anything else
I can not only say that you’re the best mom in the world but that there never was and never will be a mother like you in the universe

The way you called me with several nicknames to cheer me up when I’m sad
I miss every word that you said, your beautiful smile I yearn to see
I might cry a million tears but I recall your words “silly gal, why do you cry”
I value your words and I’m gonna try my best to follow them

Your patience and altruism made us fall in love with you all over again and again
You didn’t need words to express how much we meant to you
Your silence spoke words that we all heard and understood
You taught me to be kind and patient and I am trying, momma
Your words etched in my heart; “Allah is watching; always do good, expect nothing in return”

Everything’s changed since you left; the moments I hoped you’d be elated to be a part of
Somehow I feel you watch me from above and are smiling for every step I take to move forward in life
I regret the moments I might have been away from you; I know I’ll never get you back
But I promise I’ll meet you someday where we shall sit down and have endless conversations
All I wish to see is your smiling face with so much adoration in your eyes

I’m at peace ❤️

Baba, Bhaiyya, and Asma

Just you

The Music Of Your Love Envelopes Her Heart In Layers Of Imagination
The Silence In Your Eyes Speaks Volumes Of What Your Tongue Rarely Utters
Isn’t It Ironic That You Look Into Her Eyes Yet Say Nothing
For Tributaries Of Love Flow Across Bridges That Connect Your Heart With Hers


Love You

I Love You In Ways You Never Felt Loved Before
As My Heart Flutters To Watch You Being Around
I Love You Like The Cloud Comes Falling Down As Rain Droplets
Passionate Downpour Washing Away The Miseries Of Yesterday

I Love You Like The Bright Sun Blankets Warmth All Over
Affectionately Enveloping You In Layers Of Glow And Comfort
I Love You So Much That I Fear Expressing Might Smother You
I Bottle My Up Feelings Until They Trickle Down As Tears