I see
Light In Dark
Life In Lifeless
Hope In Despair
Success In Failures
Power In Meekness

I Have
Voice In My Silence
Calmness In Anxiety
Courage In My Fears
Company In Solitude
Strength In Weakness

Coz It Taught Me
Strengthened Me
Molded Me Into Someone
I Thought I’d Never Become




Rising Up To Sky High Peaks
Flying Carefree With Her Striking Wings,
She’s Magical, Charismatic, Phenomenal
One That Good Luck Brings,
She Delicately Weaves Budding Relations
In A Flowery Wreath With Strings.

Her Determination Is Enticing
Her Courage So Tantalizing
She’s Fiery Wild Vivacious & Fierce
Bringing Her Down Will Only Make Her Worse
For She’s Born To Stand Tall Against All Odd
Flinched Every Weak Man On Her Very Thought