A plead

Don’t Come After Me

For I Fear leading You Into Misery

Don’t Carry Me Along

For My Heart May Sink You In Agony

Free Yourself From My Reminisces

For Too Long They Cling To Your Mind

Desert The Path That Brings You To Me

For In The End There’s Nothing You’ll Find





When will you return

Flowers Of My Garden Began To Shrivel

Chapped Walls Barely Stood Still

Wind Chimes Paused Their Song

Only Clocks Ticked Year Round

Moss Overgrew My Pool

Wobbly Soul Awaits Like A Fool

My Dog Rarely Howls For You

Memories To Burn Or Brew





Beautiful can fit anywhere

It’s funny how a trip down the memory lane reminds you of times when you should’ve chosen to speak up rather than listen. One such time was during my medical school. I’d was to attend a class and I found a seat in a crowded bench of people. So I’d to excuse myself in to occupy that seat. I politely asked the girl (who being anorexic, believed it to be attractive-which was her delusion) , to let me squeeze in to reach the seat, to which she retorted, “you’ll fit aaa” (‘aaa’ is what some Telugu-speaking people add at the end of their conversation due to their slang). And my befitting spontaneous response was ‘BEAUTIFUL CAN FIT ANYWHERE. What of you?’. (I was neither overweight nor under; even if I were, I wouldn’t care though, as long as I’m beautiful. Never had I ever had a quarrel with her [i barely even knew her name]-IT WAS PURE JEALOUSLY). Dumbfounded and with a defeated-looking face, she let me pass. She couldn’t beat me in whatsoever, and that pinched her each time she saw me.

I wanna pause a bit here and say, BULLIES are everywhere. Be it stemming out of jealously or their lack of courage and spontaneity, or you amassing all the attention, their real issue is: THEY FAIL TO BE WHAT YOU ARE! They secretly idolize you but can’t dare enough to be as confident and as impactful as you!!

So next time a bully tries to bring you down, recharge your neurons, and redirect your impulses to a new level of sarcasm so that next time even before uttering a word they think twice. Not to forget, THEY CAN NEVER BEAT YOU!