You Tolerated Weight Of Their Criticism
While Limping Under Crutches Of Idealism
You Put Up With Their Diabolical Behavior
Until You Were Blinded From Seeing Beyond
You Endured Their Burns, Cuts & Wounds
Until There Wasn’t Enough Flesh Left To Be Torn
You Bore Their Torture & Harassment
Until They Sucked Last Drop Of Your Blood

You Were Not Like This Before
But Yes You Did It All

Not Cause You Were Compelled To
But Cause You Believed In Expecting A Change
Change So They Show Their Good One Day
But Didn’t You Observe Their Fangs Coated With Hypocrisy
And Claws Of Vile Ready To Dig In
Dipping Mind In Baths Of Narcissism
Simmering Self Love Over Flames Of Conceit
Change Was The Last Thing They Thought Of

Now You’re Someone Different
Someone Who Won’t Give In Easily Again


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