Cradled Me In Your Weary Arms

Shielded From Worldly Harms

An Iron Lady Glowing With Charm

Of Abundant Patience & Warmth

Toiled Everyday For My Bright Future

Like A Tender Bud Delicately Nurtured

Supported Me For Who I Wanted To Be

Strived To Bring Out The Best In Me

When I Feel I’m Clueless Of What I’m Doing

Your Faith In Me Always Keeps Me Going

What Role Has Any Friendship Got To Do?

When I’m Blessed To Have Everything In You

But Sadly, Whilst Growing Up As Our Lives Pace

Little Did I Realise You’re Starting To Age

When I Have It All Without You By My Side, It’s Only A Curse

For Your Sacrifices Can Never Be Put Down In A Verse

Not Spending Enough Time With You I’ve Committed A Crime

How I Wish I Could Steal Moments Going Back In Time

No Matter How High In My Life I May Fly

Under Your Feet My Heavens Come To Lie

Though We Live Thousands Of Miles Apart

You Hold A Sacred Place In My Heart

Now One Of the Only Wishes To My Lord I Ask

Is A Desire To Be By Your Side Till I Breathe My Last




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