After So Many Years,

You felt you still hate that one person who left you stranded. Who knocked you out of their plans so they could fit their ‘picture perfect’ with other plans. Your heart ached when you heard their footsteps going away.

You never wanted to face them. You felt they too must feel the betrayal you once felt. The neglect, the loneliness, the emotions that choked you, that you silently gulped.

But the answer is NO. You never were wishing them any bad. You only were overwhelmed with the feelings they aroused only to extinguish them with their bare hearts. You were only seeking your sweet days back. You were yearning to live them again. It was all a fusion of wanting them back and walking together in life as you perceived once to be perfect with them as a fancy dream came true.

How could you wish bad for a person you once loved with all you heart?

Days passed, bitterness turned sweet.

And you laughed at the impossible,


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