I see Light In Dark Life In Lifeless Hope In Despair Success In Failures Power In Meekness I Have Voice In My Silence Calmness In Anxiety Courage In My Fears Company In Solitude Strength In Weakness Coz It Taught Me Strengthened Me Molded Me Into Someone I Thought I’d Never Become ~I’M MY BELIEF @Dr.AsmaPoetryContinue reading

Rising Up To Sky High Peaks Flying Carefree With Her Striking Wings, She’s Magical, Charismatic, Phenomenal One That Good Luck Brings, She Delicately Weaves Budding Relations In A Flowery Wreath With Strings. Her Determination Is Enticing Her Courage So Tantalizing She’s Fiery Wild Vivacious & Fierce Bringing Her Down Will Only Make Her Worse ForContinue reading