Whisper Moon & Sky In Her Ear Plant Kisses On Nape Of Her Neck Trace Stars On Her Glistening Skin Seduce Her By Your Masculine Voice Send Galaxies Twirling Down Her Spine As Constellations Twinkle Deep In Her Bones ~SCINTILLATING TOUCH @Dr.AsmaPoetry ©Dr.Asma_Mohammadi 03.11.18

I see Light In Dark Life In Lifeless Hope In Despair Success In Failures Power In Meekness I Have Voice In My Silence Calmness In Anxiety Courage In My Fears Company In Solitude Strength In Weakness Coz It Taught Me Strengthened Me Molded Me Into Someone I Thought I’d Never Become ~I’M MY BELIEF @Dr.AsmaPoetryContinue reading